Whats included

Efficiency With Managed Hosting.

High-performance, lightning-fast servers with increased security and maximum up-time ensure your servers are always connected and powered on. Driven by Linux SSD VPS hosting servers, our VPS infrastructure offers server management support and can instantly scale your rapidly growing game server.

  • 200Mbps, boostable to 300Mbps
  • SSD, RAID 10
  • Online Panel
  • DDR4 High Speed Ram
  • DDOS Protection

Dedicated Servers

We are proud to accomodate special requests, please contact us with the server specs you are looking for so we can create a custom solution for you.

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Our Approach

When it comes to Game Servers we prioritize three aspects: Reliability, Flexibility, and Performance. We believe these aspects are cruticial to all game servers and help us provide a unique excellent service.


When it comes to servers reliability is a huge factor, At Existean we have created a fully redundant system capable of handling multiple drive failures, a large scale DDOS attack, and software corruptions.


Due to Games/Players drastic nature we understand Gaming communities must be very flexible so we decided to be as well. All of our resources are able to temporarily "boost" free of charge to accomodate spikes in traffic. Such as 1Gbps Internet to 2Gbps, 2 Cores to 4 Cores, ETC.


All of our Servers are performance focused, all of our VPS offerings have guarenteed dedicated resources turning your VPS into a dedicated box. With headless servers we are able to sustain huge amounts of traffic over a long period of time.

Game List

Take a look at a our constantly expanding variety of games.

Choose Your Plan

With a wide variety of plans there is something for everyone. Our virtual private servers are built from the ground up using all SSD storage. Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.


Just getting started? No problem we have the perfect setup for you.

Starting at $0 Per Month

- 4GB of Ram
- 24GB of Storage
- SSDs(RAID 10)
- 200Mbps
- 1vCPU @ 4.5Ghz

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For truly impressive communities, large solutions are available just contact us.

Starting at $0 Per Month

- 16GB of Ram
- 100GB of Storage
- SSDs(RAID 10)
- 1Gbps(2Gbps Boost)
- 4vCPU @ 4.5Ghz

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Optional Upgrades

Customize your server to your specific needs.

With a wide range of solutions, you are able to build a server that fits you.

  • - 2 Gbps bandwidth
  • - NVMe SSD
  • - 4.9Ghz CPU
  • - Automatic Backups

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If you have any questions or are looking for a custom solution please dont hesistate to ask us. We are a start up located in Dallas Texas and take pride in our customer service.